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April 22, 2013
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"C'mon! Open this door! It's been a day that you don't come out!" Jeff was knocking at Jack's room, trying to make him get out. After what happened the last day, Jeff haven't managed to talk to Jack, and it was making him nervous. Thought, if he could talk to Jack he wouldn't know what to say. "Hey! Are you angry for yesterday? C'mon, I'm sorry.." He was shouting, and after some minutes he tried again to knock at the door. "What you want?" Jack opened a little the door, without letting Jeff come in. "What I want? Hey! You've been in this damned room for a day! I had to be alone all this time! And, I wanted to say you that I'm sorry for what happened.. I didn't know what I was doin'." Jack opened fully the door and got out. Then, without saying something else to Jeff, went downstairs. "Sigh.. I made a very big mistake..".
Jeff followed Jack downstair, and then looked him take a bag, that put on his back. "Are you going out?" Jeff asked him staying at the door of the living room where Jack was taking his bag. "Yes, any problem?" "No, I think." "Hear me Jeff: I don't know at what you were thinking yesterday, but I don't want to see you for a while.. I'm sorry, I'm a little confused this time." Jack was acting very weird, and on Jeff's face was a sad expression. He couldn't believe that Jack was trying to avoid him. He stared at Jack, until he got out from the house closing the main entrance door. "Daymn, I don't want that he's mad at me. He's acting.. so strange. Maybe there's something else that bother him." Jeff after a while decided to follow him secretly, for see what's wrong with his friend.
It was day, and Jeff noticed that Jack was going into the forest. It was a very quiet place, actually no one was in there, neither SlenderMan. So, Jeff continued follow Jack staying a lot distant from him. Jack walked for a lot in the forest, without noticing Jeff behind him. It was seeming that Jack wasn't having a specific destination. After sometime of walking, Jeff saw Jack going in a zone where trees were becoming more and more, but continued following him, wandering what was he doing. [Maybe he want only stay a little alone, in this quiet place far from home, and from me..] Jeff started think, and thought that maybe he should go back at home. But he didn't, and continued to walk after Jack. From afar, Jeff saw Jack sitting on the shore of a little lake, and took from his bag an mp3 player. He put one of the headphones on, and started the player. [Is he hearing at music? Here?] Jeff decided to go up on a tree, and watch Jack from there. He was enjoying the quiet place, and so was doing Jack. After a while, Jeff heard Jack talking to himself. "What's this feeling, I never had it before.. Jeff is my best friend, how could he do that? It's so awkward.." His voice was very low, and from that Jeff understood that he was very confused. "Do I.. feel something special for him? Thinking at it.. I liked when he kissed me.. Did I.. fell in love, with my best friend?" Jack was holding his chest, and under his mask his face was turning red. Jeff, hearing those words, gasped, and lost the balance on the tree, so he fell down. He did a lot of noise, and Jack heard that, so he turned behind him for see that Jeff was there. He took off his headphone, and started shouthing. "What the fuck are you doing here?? Weren't you at home?" "Wait! Calm down EJ!" "I WON'T calm down! Why would you do that?!" "I said, calm down! I saw you were acting strange, so I wanted to see what's wrong with you, I thought that coming to know I could to help you!" "Well, you're not helping me! Go away, leave me alone!" Jack was very angry, and saying that started walk away around the lake. "Wait! All that you said, was all.. true?" Jack stopped and turned to Jeff. "Did.. did you hear all what I said? Oh, fuck.." Jack put his hands on his hair, and started to scratch embarassed. "I.. I hate you! I can't believe you followed me here, and that you heard what I was saying!" "Aww C'mon! First of all you were talking to yourself, tell me if that's normal!" "I do it usually, I like think at high voice! And you have no raison to judge me!" "WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP JUST FOR A SECOND?!" Jeff ran towards him, and grabbed him from his arm. Jack was scared, he thought Jeff would hurt him. Jeff was having a very angry expression on his face, and raised his arm. Strongly he removed Jack's mask, breaking the wire, and then got his face close to Jack's.
At least, in that way Jeff managed to get Jack shut up.
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Yeeeeey I did a second part :dummy:
I will make the chapter of this story very short, because I put a lot of time to think what to write. I neither know for how long I will continue it xD
I totally LOVE this couple, and it don't receive too much love! D:

For make you know, between " " are things that character say, and between [ ] will be what characters thinks.
Hope you like, and maybe I will do more :la:

Jeff | Jack (c) CreepyPasta
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