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June 10, 2013
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Jack pulled away Jeff, and touched his mouth: he had kissed him again. Jack's face turned red, and he was also shocked about Jeff's action. He didn't want ruin their friendship, but maybe Jack was really feeling something deep. He took his mask from Jeff's hand, and then stared at Jeff, with his empty sockets.
"Jack.. I-I'm sorry."
" .. N-no, isn't a problem. Sorry for me being angry with you.."
Jeff wasn't believing at what Jack was saying. He thought that after that Jack would be angry, that was surprising.
"You aren't mad at me anymore?"
"No. I.. I.."
"Jack, about what you said firstly.. Is that true?"
Jack remembered the fact that Jeff had listened at him. Then tears started to come out from his empty sockets, and then ran towards Jeff ending up hugging him. Jeff flushed at Jack reaction.
"I'm really sorry! I didn't meant to be angry with you, I wasn't understanding what I was feeling.." Jack got tight to Jeff.
Both stayed for a little time silent, then Jeff broke the silence hugging back Jack.
"Jack, you have to know, I wasn't too really knowing what I was feeling for you all this whole time. But now I know..

I love you."

Jack looked up at Jeff, always with tears. Now he was happy, and a cheerful smile appeared on his face.

"I love you too Jeff."

"C'mon, let's turn back home."
Jack nodded, and then both started walking hand in hand, returning back to their home.


Now they were on the door of their house. They entered, and Jeff closed the door behind himself.
"Jeff, I don't know what other would think about this our relationship if they know, so, let's keep it a secret, okay?"
Jeff stared at Jack, and then nodded. "You can count on me, Jack~ I will maintain the secret!"
They both sat at the couch of the living room, Jack under Jeff's arms. Jeff switched on the tv, and waited for it to turn on, that was seeming to not work.
"Hey, what's wrong with the tv? Why is it not working?" Jeff pressed all the buttons on the remote control, but was seeming that the tv didn't want to work.
"I dunno, maybe it's broken."
On the tv was acting the static. After some minutes, on the screen appeared some light blue signs, circular signs that were opening a black hole on the screen. All of a sudden from the screen popped out someone, that scared Jeff and Jack.

"HEY! what's up?"

Jeff and Jack quickly moved away from each other.
"B-BEN! Why is that always your way to enter someone's other house?! How many times I've told you to don't do it!" Jack started yelling at the blond haired pale skin guy with black and red eyes.
"Sorry Jack, I just like scare you like this."
BEN got out of the screen, and looked at the two guys. They were unusually sitting on the same couch: usually Jack was sitting on the armchair alone, while Jeff was sitting slouched on the big couch.
"Have I interrupted something, hehe?"
"N-No!" Jeff answered shocked at BEN. He was forgetting that in that house were living togheter Jack, Jeff and also BEN, and now he was just returned from his mission in his hacked game of Majora's mask. With him around would be difficult for Jack and Jeff have sometime togheter alone.
"Mh.." BEN was looking strangely at the two suspect guys.
"Nevermind, I'm glad to be finally home." BEN turned to another direction and went towards the kitchen. He opened the pantry and took a big bottle filled with something.
"Will you ever stop eating that stuff?" Jeff looked annoyed at BEN, that started eating the horrible stuff inside the bottle. "What do you want, I like weed."
"Vleè, disgusting." Jack could smell that odor. "You talk, that eat kidneys." BEN ate another piece of that weed. "They are better than your weed."
"Okay, I'll go eat my stuff away from your evaluations!"
BEN made his way to his room. It was at the ground floor, while the ones of Jeff and Jack were upstairs.
The green dressed guy closed the door behind himself after entering his room. "Something had happened between those two, and I'm curious to know what."


The evening arrived, and the three guys ate dinner togheter. They stayed for sometime in the living room watching tv, and now they were in the same places as always: Jack alone on his armchair, Jeff slouched on the couch on a side of it, and BEN on the other side. They always sat in that way.
"Yawwwn.. I think I will go to sleep. See ya tomorrow." BEN got up from the couch, and after stretching returned to his room. "Good Night BEN"

Now Jack and Jeff were again alone. "Jack I got an idea." Jeff said after some minutes. "What is it?" Jeff got up from the couch, and got closer to Jack. He kissed him on the cheek, and then invited him to go upstairs.
"You still haven't said to me what was your idea, Jeff." Jack was a little curious. "Don't worry, you will find out. Come here." Jeff opened the door of his room to Jack, that entered followed by Jeff. Then Jeff closed the door and locked it, for make sure no one would enter besides them two.

"Jeff what are you do-"


Jeff took Jack from his arm, and made him fall on the bed.
"This will be our night"
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Sorry for the loooooong wait, I got exams these says, and I still haven't finished them TTwTT
Enjoy this trolling chapter :dummy:
Sorry for my bad writing and horrible way to invent stories =3=

BEN, Jeff, Jack (c) CreepyPasta
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